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The character of the pipe used in the installation of the wiring
1. High intensity, light weight, invariability, lubricity inner surface, small friction coefficient, light and smooth to traverse the cable, not destroying the cable.
2. Insulating, no electric erosion, no magnetism.
3. good water enduring, rubber seal packing ring at the connection point adapts the heat expanding and cold contracting and also prevents the enter of mud, which can be buried under water for long time.
4. flame retardant, heat enduring that can be used in the 130 and will not distort.
5. Long operating life, generally longer than 50 years.
6. The adapting form connection is adopted in the design; easy to installation and construction; because of the light weight, high intensity and simple to construct burying, we can resolve the problem of long time exposure and city transportation effecting.
7. Widely used range: the FRP protecting pipe of cable is applied to be the protecting pipe while burying the cable under the earth; it is also used on the bridge cable, river cable and other high required environment. The multilayer and multi-row's multi-pipe arranging style can be composed by tie-in special pipe combination. It is absolutely necessarily under earth cable protecting cannula in nowadays' city road cable engineering.

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